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Which of the following best represents your opinion on the communication you want to receive as a member of the Project 17 executive committee?

Please check all the types of information that you would like to receive.

Please select the one answer below that best reflects your opinion about the need for sharing information among committees. (Check one.)

In what format would you like to receive most information? (Check one.)

This question deals with the Project 17 website and how it might be used. The chart below includes a dozen functions the website might fulfill. Please rank them in order by dragging the important statements to the top.
  • Marketing Project 17 to people inside the region
  • Marketing Project 17 to people outside the region
  • Informing (public events and calendar)
  • Educating (library for papers, article and links)
  • Involving (volunteer sign-up, event registration, etc.)
  • Dialoguing (two-way communication through surveys, questions, and email)
  • Sharing information and opinions through a blog
  • Updates on what’s going on with Project 17
  • Measuring and reporting project impact
  • A regional data portal with interactive regional analysis tools and asset map information.
  • Secured online sharing/work space for collaborating on large-scale regional opportunities.
  • Secured archive space for storing and sharing all Project 17-related information.

Anything else you want us to know about your communications preferences?

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